Established in 1999, Austin Design Associates is a small and dedicated team, passionate about design.

We specialize in space planning, designing and documenting joinery, custom fittings, and details. Our residential projects range from furnishing and small renovations through to the design and documentation of multi-unit developments and substantial residential commissions.

We enjoy pushing our design work to surpass our client’s expectations. We aim to connect with our clients to assist them in creating and defining their vision and personal style for their home. We engage with the notion of ‘emotional architecture’ where our clients can be delighted by interesting details, beautiful finishes and textures, pleasing proportions and thoughtful touches.


Lauren O’Brien
Creative Director

Sylvanna Mitri
Creative Director


We seek to make the design process enjoyable and engaging for our clients, many of whom come back to us with subsequent projects.

Feedback from our clients includes selling their homes for prices beyond their expectations, and interior design and furniture selections that stand the test of time, many years after the work has been completed.

Our services include:

    • Residential interior design
    • Space planning
    • Joinery design and documentation
    • Fittings & Fixtures selection
    • Finishes selection
    • Furniture layouts and selection
    • External colour schemes

If you are planning a major renovation or new build that requires both an architect and interior designer, please be in touch early on so we can introduce you to the people we work with or get properly acquainted with yours. We design from ‘the inside out’ making sure all the spaces in your home work well and flow to create a cohesive and harmonious outcome.

We enjoy discovering new products, engaging with and supporting local artisans and designers of feature lighting, furniture, fittings and fixtures, and finishes. Our finishes library is extensive and we constantly review new textures and products, as well as enjoying the classics of timber and stone

The difference between a decorator, an architect and an interior designer

“What’s the difference between a decorator, an architect and an interior designer?”
This is a question we get asked often. It can sometimes be confusing trying to figure out which specialist will be right for your project and what scope of work you are undertaking.


A decorator can help you with styling your rooms. If you just need help choosing colours and soft furnishings for a small project then a decorator might be what you need. We can assist you with furnishing your home.

Architect/Building Designer

If you are embarking on an extension, adding another floor, or tearing down and rebuilding, you can commission an architect or building designer, but come and chat to us first and we will recommend the appropriate person for the project – we work with building designers, architects and draftspersons.

Interior Designer

Ideally, we like to be involved in the project right from the start, assisting you with choosing the perfect building designer/architect or working out the space planning ourselves. We design from ‘the inside out’ making sure all the spaces in your home work well and flow, and draw in all the furniture to scale to make sure the spaces created function well. Depending on your budget and style we can engage an appropriate building designer once we understand the scope of the work. Or, if you have your plans already we can work with your architect or building designer to ensure the best result and add all the extra detail required to make your home function as you require and be beautifully designed.


An interior designer can work with you to completely transform the interior of your home. If you are embarking on a large-scale refurbishment or renovation that retains the existing building envelope, a skilled interior designer can coordinate the project from start to finish. 

New Homes

Interior designers also work on new homes to ensure that the interior spaces function to enhance your lifestyle and layer your design to create an individual aesthetic. If you are building a new home, we can work hand-in-hand with your architect to ensure a seamless design. It is best to contact us at the beginning of the project so that we can ensure that the exterior and interior detailing work harmoniously, creating a unified vision.